When you work at home, you don’t get the same kind of social interaction as when you work in an office. This can make you feel lonely at times. If loneliness is something that happens to you as a freelancer, take a look at these four ways to deal with the problem.

Do Your Work in a Public Place

Sometimes when I feel lonely I grab my laptop and hop in the car in search of a place to work that is away from home for the day. This could be a park, café, library, or even a university. The only thing I care about is if I have access to free WiFi. Getting out of the house helps me combat the feelings of loneliness simply because I have a change of scenery and it takes my mind off my loneliness. This isn’t a permanent fix to feeling lonely, but it can help you feel better for a day. Plus, working in a public place occasionally gives me the opportunity to meet new people.

Connect with Other Freelancers

Another thing I like to do to combat feelings of freelancer loneliness is to create unofficial coworkers. You can do this by meeting other freelancers in your community or chatting with people in similar circumstances online. I am a member of several online freelance communities and I’ve made quite a few friends and connections this way. I know I can turn to my unofficial coworkers if I need motivation or just want to talk about a project that I am working on.

Make More Time for Friends and Family

As a freelancer, I sometimes feel like I work all day, every day. And, this actually is the case some weeks. However, all that working makes me feel lonely. The only way for me to keep my sanity during these hectic work weeks is to build in time to see my friends and family. Even a chat on the phone with someone helps me feel less lonely. I aim to chat with a friend at least once a week and to see family that often, too.

Volunteer Your Time to Local Charities

Another option for getting social interaction is to find places in your community where you can volunteer. Schools always need people to help kids with their reading and most communities have homeless shelters and other causes where you can help out. This will help you feel less lonely as a freelancer because you’ll get interaction with other people and get away from your computer at the same time.

Freelancer loneliness is sometimes a problem for me, but there are plenty of ways to deal with it. What do you do as a freelancer to make sure you get enough social interaction in your life? Leave a comment below.

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